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Helgdagar och firande i hela världen

USA (Amerikas förenta stater) : helgdagar, stängning av banker, skolan semester


USA (Amerikas förenta stater) : komplett kalender med helgdagar, nedläggning av banker och börser, skollov, mässor, kultur- och sportevenemang, festivaler, karnevaler, val

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Namn Datum Typ Mer
Superbowl**Söndag 4 Februari, 2018Idrottsevenemang 
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Kinesiska nyåret/Tet/Losar**Fredag 16 Februari, 2018Vykort/Blommor 
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Presidentens dag*Måndag 19 Februari, 2018mässa 
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Sommartid/Vintertid**Söndag 11 Mars, 2018Extraordinära händelser 
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St Patrick's DagLördag 17 Mars, 2018Vykort/Blommor 
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Vietnam Veterans Day*Torsdag 29 Mars, 2018kultur 
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Påsk**Fredag 30 Mars, 2018Vykort/Blommor 
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Cesar Chavez Dag*Lördag 31 Mars, 2018Vykort/Blommor 
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Superbowl -
Söndag 4 Februari, 2018

Idrottsevenemang : in Minneapolis 2018 edition confirmed

Alla hjärtans Dag -
Torsdag 14 Februari, 2019

Vykort/Blommor : Introduced by Pope Gelasus in 498, perhaps in response to a local Roman tradition of lovers writing their names on an urn in February

Kinesiska nyåret/Tet/Losar -
Fredag 16 Februari, 2018

Vykort/Blommor : At New Year during the night, the Jade Emperor conveyed all animals. Only 12 showed up. To thank them, Buddha dedicated one symbolic year per visitor. Each new born would inherit the relevant animal's characteristics. NOT a public holiday

Presidentens dag -
Måndag 19 Februari, 2018

mässa : Commemorates the births of George Washington (22.2.1732) and Abraham Lincoln (12.2.1809). The memory of America’s first president, George Washington, was once celebrated on his birthday, February 22nd. The date was changed to the third Monday in February to create a three-day weekend These banks remain open: Chase Bank, TD Bank, Wells Fargo

Sommartid/Vintertid -
Söndag 11 Mars, 2018

Extraordinära händelser : At 2:00 a.m. local times Except in Arizona (USA) Except in Saskatchewan (Canada)

St Patrick's Dag -
Lördag 17 Mars, 2018

Vykort/Blommor :

Vietnam Veterans Day -
Torsdag 29 Mars, 2018

kultur : Coincides with March 29, 1973, the day the United States Armed Forces completed the withdrawal of the combat units from South Vietnam. U.S. involvement in Vietnam Conflict lasted 5,569 days (1960 – 1975); • There were 58,267 American killed in action (KIA), including 11,465 teenagers; • One out of every 11 Americans who served in Vietnam was a casualty, with 303,644 wounded in action; • It is estimated that more than 1,800 American service members are still designated as missing in action in Vietnam; • At the peak of the Vietnam Conflict that was never officially designated as a war, 543,000 troops were serving there at one period of time.

Påsk -
Fredag 30 Mars, 2018

Vykort/Blommor : Deliverance of the Jewish people from Egypt. The Seder service on the first two evenings recounts the story of the Exodus NOT a public holiday

Cesar Chavez Dag -
Lördag 31 Mars, 2018

Vykort/Blommor : Labor leader Cesar Chavez (1927-1993) founded the National Farm Workers Association in 1962. Proclaimed a national commemorative holiday in 2014 by President Barack Obama.