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Helgdagar och firande i hela världen

Georgien - helgdagar i världen - 1970-2070

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Namn Datum Typ Mer
Ortodox påsk*Torsdag 1 Maj, 2014Vykort/Blommor 
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Ortodoxa annandag påsk**Fredag 2 Maj, 2014mässa 
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Segerdagen**Fredag 9 Maj, 2014Sekulär semester 
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St Andrews dagMåndag 12 Maj, 2014Sekulär semester 
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SjälvständighetsdagenMåndag 26 Maj, 2014Nationaldag 
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WinExpo Georgia*Tisdag 3 Juni, 2014Bankerna är avslutad 
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sommarlov (början)Måndag 16 Juni, 2014Skollov, förutom de ovan nämnda bankfridagarna (kan variera mellan olika distrikt) 
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Ortodox påsk -
Söndag 1 Maj, 2016

Vykort/Blommor : Sunday of Bright Week – didi shabati

Ortodoxa annandag påsk -
Måndag 2 Maj, 2016

mässa : The bright red colored egg is the symbol of Easter(or Pascha).The eggs are colored on Holy Thursday after the Divine Liturgy.The Easter breads are a worldwide Orthodox tradition as well.This bread is taken to church on Saturday evening when a special sequence of services takes place:Midnight Office,Rush Procession,Matins & Divine Liturgy.After the service,the clergy blesses the breads and eggs brought by the people and they take them home.The eggs are cracked after the midnight service and during the next days.One egg takes place before the Easter lunch.Each person who ends up with the last unbroken egg is believed to have a year of good luck.The traditional Orthodox Paschal greeting is: Christ is Risen! .The answer is: Indeed He is Risen . May only be observed by the local Orthodox community.

Segerdagen -
Tisdag 9 Maj, 2017

Sekulär semester : The fighting of WWII tn Europe ended on May 2nd, 1945. The surrender of German troops was signed on May 4th and 5th but officially the war ended at midnight on May 8th 1945. To remember this important event, the Russians created a national holiday called Victory Day which is celebrated on May 9th in Russia. Russia mainly fought a war to defend itself, which is called a "patriotic war". In Russia almost all the families have at least one person who took part in the war. The other old citizens who did not fight during the war had to work in factories to make guns and preparations, which wasn't easier than fighting. They too are honored on Victory Day.

St Andrews dag -
Fredag 12 Maj, 2017

Sekulär semester :

Självständighetsdagen -
Fredag 26 Maj, 2017

Sekulär semester :

WinExpo Georgia -
Fredag 3 Juni, 2016

Bankerna är avslutad : Lasts 3 days - in Tbilisi

Sommarlov (början) -
Torsdag 16 Juni, 2016

Skollovens (vänligen dubbelkontrollera) :