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Helgdagar och firande i hela världen

Etiopien - helgdagar i världen - 1970-2070


Fullständig kalender över världens helgdagar (dagar då bankerna är stängda), från 1970 fram till 2070 for Etiopien

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Namn Datum Typ Mer
Slaget vid Adowa*Torsdag 2 Mars, 2017Sekulär semester 
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Ortodoxa långfredagen**Torsdag 6 April, 2017Ortodox 
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Ortodox påsk**Lördag 8 April, 2017Ortodox 
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Slaget vid Adowa -
Lördag 2 Mars, 2019

Sekulär semester : 1 March 1896, between the forces of General Oreste Baratieri, Italian governor of Eritrea, and Menelik II, Emperor of Ethiopia.

Ortodoxa långfredagen -
Fredag 6 April, 2018

Ortodox : The bright red colored egg is the symbol of Easter (or Pascha) The eggs are colored on Holy Thursday after the Divine Liturgy. The Easter bread is taken to church on Saturday evening when a special sequence of services takes place: Midnight Office... After the service the clergy blesses the breads and eggs brought by the people and they take them home. The eggs are cracked after the midnight service and during the next days. One egg is cracked on the wall of the church (and this is the first egg eaten The ritual of cracking the eggs takes place before the Easter lunch. Each person selects his/her egg. Then people take turns tapping their egg against the eggs of others, and the person who ends up with the last unbroken egg is believed to have a year of May only be observed by the local Orthodox community.

Ortodox påsk -
Söndag 8 April, 2018

Ortodox : Paid holiday