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Helgdagar och firande i hela världen

Ukraina - helgdagar i världen - 1970-2070


Fullständig kalender över världens helgdagar (dagar då bankerna är stängda), från 1970 fram till 2070 for Ukraina

Internet domain: .ua - telephone code: +380 - International dialing code: 8-10
Kurs: Hryvna (UAH) ... Konvertera här!

Namn Datum Typ Mer
Marathon*Lördag 6 Oktober, 2018Idrottsevenemang 
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Yom KippurMåndag 8 Oktober, 2018Vykort/Blommor 
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Förbön av Guds moder*Söndag 14 Oktober, 2018Speciella evenemang 
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Försvararnas dag**Söndag 14 Oktober, 2018Sekulär semester 
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Sommartid/Vintertid*Lördag 27 Oktober, 2018Extraordinära händelser 
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presidentvalLördag 27 Oktober, 2018Extraordinära händelser 
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Marathon -
Söndag 6 Oktober, 2019

Idrottsevenemang : Www.kyivmarathon.org/ 2019 edition confirmed

Yom Kippur -
Tisdag 8 Oktober, 2019

Vykort/Blommor :

Förbön av Guds moder -
Onsdag 14 Oktober, 2020

kultur : This is the main autumn fest, the history of which dates back to the year 910, when in one of the temples of Jerusalem during the service weak-minded Andrew and his disciple Epiphanius saw floating in the air Mother of God, who spread out the wide white veil over worshippers.

Försvararnas dag -
Måndag 14 Oktober, 2019

Sekulär semester : The Orthodox feast day of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary, October 14, is considered to be the symbolic day of the founding of the UPA, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army active during World War II, as well as one of the main holidays of the Ukrainian Zaporozhzhian Kozaks, the proto-Ukrainian military and political force that challenged the authority of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Tsardom of Russia, the Ottoman Empire, and its vassal the Crimean Khanate over the 16-18th centuries. In the Ukrainian tradition going back to even the medieval times of the Kyiv Rus, the Intercession of the Virgin Mary is interpreted as a symbolical act of protecting and blessing the Ukrainian people. Not a paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Sommartid/Vintertid -
Söndag 27 Oktober, 2019

Extraordinära händelser : At 1:00 a.m. local times

Presidentval -
Söndag 27 Oktober, 2019

Extraordinära händelser :