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Helgdagar och firande i hela världen

Argentina : helgdagar, stängning av banker, skolan semester


Argentina : komplett kalender med helgdagar, nedläggning av banker och börser, skollov, mässor, kultur- och sportevenemang, festivaler, karnevaler, val

Internet domain: .ar - telephone code: +54 - International dialing code: 00
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Namn Datum Typ
Fädernas dagSöndag 20 Juni, 2021Vykort/Blommor 
Nationella flaggdagen*Söndag 20 Juni, 2021Sekulär semester 
Martín Miguel de Güemes dag*Måndag 21 Juni, 2021Sekulär semester 
Självständighetsdagen*Fredag 9 Juli, 2021Nationaldag 
frivillig semester**Tisdag 20 Juli, 2021Muslim, Sufi 
frivillig semester**Tisdag 10 Augusti, 2021Muslim, Sufi 
Steg till general San Martins odödlighet**Måndag 16 Augusti, 2021Sekulär semester 
Rosh Hashanah**Tisdag 7 September, 2021Vykort/Blommor 
parlamentsvalSöndag 12 September, 2021Extraordinära händelser 
frivillig semester**Onsdag 15 September, 2021Judisk  
frivillig semester**Torsdag 16 September, 2021Judisk  

Reporter dag -
Tisdag 7 Juni, 2022

kultur : Established in 1938 in the First National Congress of Journalists held in the province of Córdoba in memory of the Gazeta de Buenos Ayres , the first newspaper of the Argentine independence phase founded by Mariano Moreno in 1810 [Wikipedia]

Fädernas dag -
Söndag 20 Juni, 2021

Vykort/Blommor :

Nationella flaggdagen -
Söndag 20 Juni, 2021

Sekulär semester : Commemorates the death of Manuel Belgrano, (1770 - 1820) an Argentine lawyer, politician, and general in the first autonomous government of Argentina who in 1812, created the national flag of Argentina. It was raised for the first time on February 27 of that year, in an island in the Parana River, opposite the city of Rosario. He also led the Jujuy Exodus (Exodo Jujeno), which prepared the ground for victories of the Argentine War of Independence in the northwest of the country. Official day of celebration is June 20.

Martín Miguel de Güemes dag -
Måndag 21 Juni, 2021

Sekulär semester : 8 February 1785 – 17 June 1821) was a military leader and popular caudillo who defended northwestern Argentina from the Spanish during the Argentine War of Independence [Wikipedia]

Självständighetsdagen -
Fredag 9 Juli, 2021

Sekulär semester : Obtained from Spain in 1810

Frivillig semester -
Tisdag 20 Juli, 2021

Muslim, Sufi : Feast of the Sacrifice for the Muslim community only

Frivillig semester -
Tisdag 10 Augusti, 2021

Muslim, Sufi : Islamic new year for the Muslim community only

Steg till general San Martins odödlighet -
Måndag 16 Augusti, 2021

Sekulär semester : José Francisco de San Martín y Matorras (Yapeyú, Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata, 25 February 1778 – Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, 17 August 1850), known simply as José de San Martín or El Libertador of Argentina, Chile and Peru, was a Spanish-Argentine general and the prime leader of the southern and central parts of South America's successful struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire who served as the Protector of Peru. Born in Yapeyú, Corrientes, in modern-day Argentina, he left his mother country at the early age of seven to study in Málaga, Spain. From 2019

Rosh Hashanah -
Tisdag 7 September, 2021

Vykort/Blommor : Jewish New Year NOT a public holiday

Parlamentsval -
Söndag 12 September, 2021

Extraordinära händelser :

Frivillig semester -
Onsdag 15 September, 2021

Judisk : Yom Kippur observed by the Jewish community

Frivillig semester -
Torsdag 16 September, 2021

Judisk : Jewish new year for the Jewish community only