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Helgdagar och firande i hela världen

Ortodox : religiösa högtider och ceremonier

Ortodox : denna sida informerar dig om religiösa högtider, fester och ceremonier över hela världen

Namn Datum Typ
Ortodoxa Holy Saturday**Onsdag 1 Maj, 2019Ortodox 
Ortodox påsk**Torsdag 2 Maj, 2019Ortodox 
Karneval*Torsdag 2 Maj, 2019Ortodox 
Ortodox påsk*Torsdag 2 Maj, 2019Ortodox 
Ortodoxa annandag påsk**Fredag 3 Maj, 2019Ortodox 
Ortodox påskFredag 3 Maj, 2019Ortodox 
PåsktisdagenLördag 4 Maj, 2019Ortodox 
Alla själars dag*Fredag 10 Maj, 2019Ortodox 
Alla helgons dag**Lördag 11 Maj, 2019Ortodox 
St Cyrilus och St Methodius*Fredag 24 Maj, 2019Ortodox 
Annandag pingst*Fredag 21 Juni, 2019Ortodox 
Den helige andes dag/Pingst/Kataklysmos/Radunitsa*Fredag 21 Juni, 2019Ortodox 
Sankt Cyrilus och Sankt MethodiusFredag 5 Juli, 2019Ortodox 
Dormition av Jungfru*Torsdag 15 Augusti, 2019Ortodox 
Religiös fest (detta är inte en nationell helgdag**Onsdag 28 Augusti, 2019Ortodox 

Ortodoxa Holy Saturday -
Lördag 1 Maj, 2021

Ortodox : Not a paid holiday

Ortodox påsk -
Söndag 2 Maj, 2021

Ortodox : Paid holiday

Karneval -
Söndag 2 Maj, 2021

Ortodox : Orthodox Easter

Ortodox påsk -
Söndag 2 Maj, 2021

Ortodox : Sunday of Bright Week – didi shabati

Ortodoxa annandag påsk -
Måndag 3 Maj, 2021

Ortodox : The bright red colored egg is the symbol of Easter(or Pascha).The eggs are colored on Holy Thursday after the Divine Liturgy.The Easter breads are a worldwide Orthodox tradition as well.This bread is taken to church on Saturday evening when a special sequence of services takes place:Midnight Office,Rush Procession,Matins & Divine Liturgy.After the service,the clergy blesses the breads and eggs brought by the people and they take them home.The eggs are cracked after the midnight service and during the next days.One egg takes place before the Easter lunch.Each person who ends up with the last unbroken egg is believed to have a year of good luck.The traditional Orthodox Paschal greeting is: Christ is Risen! .The answer is: Indeed He is Risen . May only be observed by the local Orthodox community.

Ortodox påsk -
Måndag 3 Maj, 2021

Ortodox :

Påsktisdagen -
Tisdag 4 Maj, 2021

Ortodox :

Alla själars dag -
Måndag 10 Maj, 2021

Ortodox : Firade på söndagen i vissa städer

Alla helgons dag -
Tisdag 11 Maj, 2021

Ortodox : The day now honors all saints of the church, even those not known by name. The first All Saints' Day occurred on May 13, 609 (C.E.) when Pope Boniface IV accepted the Pantheon as a gift from the Emperor Phocas. Boniface dedicated it as the Church of Santa Maria Rotonda in honor of the Blessed Virgin and all martyrs. During Pope Gregory III's reign (731-741), the festival was expanded to include all saints and a chapel in St. Peter's church was dedicated accordingly. Pope Gregory IV officially designated the day in 837. banks remain open

St Cyrilus och St Methodius -
Måndag 24 Maj, 2021

Ortodox : Commemorates the creation of the Slavic Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets by the brothers Saints Cyril and Methodius. The celebration also commemorates the introduction of literacy and the preaching of the gospels in the Slavonic language by the brothers.

Annandag pingst -
Måndag 21 Juni, 2021

Ortodox : In Cyprus, Kataklysma is the festival of the floods in seaside towns

Den helige andes dag/Pingst/Kataklysmos/Radunitsa -
Måndag 21 Juni, 2021

Ortodox : From 2009

Sankt Cyrilus och Sankt Methodius -
Måndag 5 Juli, 2021

Ortodox :

Dormition av Jungfru -
Söndag 15 Augusti, 2021

Ortodox : Since 2008

Religiös fest (detta är inte en nationell helgdag -
Lördag 28 Augusti, 2021

Ortodox : Golema Bogorodica (Dormition of the Holy Mother of God) only observed by the Orthodox community